Workshops and Events

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Individual and team workshops in 
London and Brighton

Amulinde Consulting holds workshops designed to engage, reflect and develop the individual and the team, based in London and Brighton. 

Events at Amulinde Consulting 

With over 15+ years in the industry, managing all aspects from conception to delivery. Amulinde has built invaluable contacts in the industry.
We have worked on various events, including private events, fundraising, product launches, and live events
We are able to assist you in all your events needs, whether it be a programme, project or logistics management.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Carolyn is a passionate believer in aligning business needs with customers local community. We are experienced in identifying and developing powerful partnerships in the community, having worked in both the private and charity sector, Carolyn has built invaluable contacts.
Dont have a CSR programme? We can help you develop a strategy, identify partners and engage your workforce and community

Carolyn's CSR promise:

I am committed to providing my services to worthwhile bro bono projects at least once a year - Grow Movement consultant
I am committed to work on projects that are ethical and have a positive impact on the community and environment
Sustain-ably minded, including working in a paperless environment - no business cards, brochures or any non essential printed material.
For helpful coaching and mentoring throughout London and Brighton, get in touch with Amulinde Consulting on 
07907 712 220

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